Turnover statistics plugin for OsCommerce

A new plugin for OsCommerce creates nice turnover statistics.

Graphical in Flash and in a table.

More info and download:

oscommerce turnover statistics plugin

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  1. Peter Roth sagt:


    I’ve now installed the turnover plugin into my shop. Great!

    Just one suggestion; is it possible to place your banner into the footer?

    kind regards any many thanks for this great contibution.

    Peter Roth

  2. Jon sagt:

    Very nice work.
    Problem is that it does not shw the graphs with php 4.
    Also would be nice if it included header & column_left

  3. admin sagt:

    There will be no support for PHP4 anymore, sorry.
    Column_left would take a lot of space. Probably I will add a parameter for that.

    Emile (developer)

  4. Patrick sagt:

    I am getting an error, which looks like the following. First chart does not work, second does:

    „Open Flash Chart

    JSON Parse Error [Syntax Error]
    Error at character 0, line 1:

    0: “

    Anyone knows what might cause this?


  5. admin sagt:

    @Patrick: Change the URL: statistics.php?action=data
    Then only the data should come in JSON format. Is this OK?

  6. Patrick sagt:

    Nope, I get another error code:

    Warning: include_once(JSON.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/bagazoo/www/admin/includes/statistics/open-flash-chart_reduced.php on line 13

    Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‚JSON.php‘ for inclusion (include_path=‘.:/usr/share/php5′) in /home/bagazoo/www/admin/includes/statistics/open-flash-chart_reduced.php on line 13

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/bagazoo/www/admin/includes/statistics/open-flash-chart_reduced.php:13) in /home/bagazoo/www/admin/statistics.php on line 375

    Fatal error: Class ‚Services_JSON‘ not found in /home/bagazoo/www/admin/includes/statistics/open-flash-chart_reduced.php on line 122

    Does not look good!

  7. admin sagt:

    @Patrick: I sent you the file JSON.php. Did it help?

  8. I am having the same problem.

    Thank you very much.

  9. admin sagt:

    There is a new version (V 1.03) available for download.
    It solves this problem and adds turnover statistics for the last 14 days.

  10. I have tried the version 1.3, I downloaded the JSON.php but I still having the “Open Flash Chart

    JSON Parse Error [Syntax Error]
    Error at character 0, line 1:

    0: ”

    On the two graphs.

    Thank you very much,


  11. Martin sagt:

    Yes, I do have the same error

    help us 🙂

  12. admin sagt:

    You can download version 1.04.
    This version has a debugging mode, read the file statistics.php.

  13. admin sagt:

    You can now download V2.0.
    The new version uses only HTML and Javascript, no Flash anymore!

  14. Michael sagt:

    Great contrib!

    However, my graphs don’t appear, I get an error in IE saying line 35, characer 2 is at fault? Any ideas?

  15. admin sagt:

    Does it work in FF? Which version of IE do you use?

  16. Matt sagt:

    I guess the biggest question that I have is, what exactly does the term „turnover“ mean, and what do the numbers represent? In some places, turnover is equivalent to sales, but on other locations it means something different. What exactly are we tracking or looking at when we view the turnover charts?

  17. admin sagt:

    The turnover is the sum of „ot_subtotal“ in the table orders_total. This is the sum without shipping costs.

  18. Matt sagt:

    Thanks…everything seems to work fine here. One thing you might consider doing is rewriting the page to fit into the standard OSC admin page format with the standard header and left column.

  19. Dennis sagt:

    I love it! Use it everyday.

    But your programm tells me this month compared to last year = -9%.
    When I check the same months in the default statistics page of OScommerce the difference = +1%.
    This is strange…

  20. admin sagt:

    @Dennis: This plugin extrapolates the data from this year according to the data from last year. Therefore it will probably not give the same results as a simple division to calculate a percentage. This plugin should give more accurate predictions though.

  21. voordeligste sagt:

    ziet er allemaal geweldig uit kan niet anders zeggen.
    vieren jullie ook sinterklaas of alleen in holland

  22. Dennis sagt:

    Can I change the code to see the daily stats of the last 2 months in stead of the last one month?
    And is it possible to see the graph of the last 3 or 4 years?
    I so, how / what must I change in the code?

  23. Emile Schenk sagt:

    You can change anything in the code you want. When you don’t know where to change what then ask your developer. I don’t do individual changes on this code unless they are paid.

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