Private Protected Video with Amazon Servers

You can protect your videos on the internet!

  • Protect and secure your precious private online videos
  • Give access to the video to only one customer
  • Give access to the video only for a few minutes

Read here how to do it

Watch the protected video on browser, phone and Ipad!

With Flash and HTML5 your videos can be watched on any device. My script automatically selects the correct format for the device.

  • browser
  • iphone and other mobile phones
  • ipad and other tablets

How to protect your videos:

  1. Encode your videos as MP4
  2. Copy your videos to your Amazon S3-Server
  3. Create 2 Cloudfront Distributions, one streaming and one download distribution
  4. Both Cloudfront Distributions have the same S3-Bucket as origin
  5. Use JW-player as videoplayer
  6. Use my PHP/JS code to create a webpage
  7. The webpage can be read with browsers, mobile phones and tablets
  8. My PHP/JS code is well commented and easy to read for any PHP programmer

I can do it all for you

No hassle and no work for you to do.

  • Uploading your video
  • Configuring your Amazon servers
  • Adapt my PHP/JS code to your needs
  • I’ve done it several times and I know how to make it work!

Protect your videos with Amazon servers
All inclusive no worries package!
Only € 470
Order at 



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